Refunds and Compensation

Refunds and Compensation

Can I refund my ticket? 

Yes, you can refund your ticket by logging into your account and going to “Manage tickets”. Here you will see all the tickets you have purchased each with a clear signpost to refund. All refunds are done so free of any fees! 

Which tickets can be refunded? 

Anytime, Off-peak and Super Off-peak tickets are all refundable. Advance tickets aren’t normally refundable, except in cases where service disruption prevented you from using them. Not sure about the type of ticket that you purchased? It’s detailed in the confirmation email you’ll have received when you booked with us. 

Can I amend an Advance ticket? 

Yes! You can amend your Advance train ticket if you’re not able to use it. Just login to your account and navigate to “My tickets” any ticket that is eligible to be amended will be clearly sign posted. All amendments are done so free of any fees! 


Can I get a refund for my Advance ticket? 

Advance tickets are generally non refundable, so you can’t get a refund for your Advance ticket. But there are a few exceptions which will entitle you to a refund. 


  • Your train has been cancelled and you decide not to travel 
  • The train operator has advised you not to travel because of service disruptions 
  • You have abandoned your journey because of delays. 

If none of these apply to you and you can’t use your Advance ticket, you have the option to amend your ticket. This means you can exchange your Advance ticket to a different date or time. And whilst most online train ticket retailers make you pay up to £10 for this service, we won’t charge you a penny. 

Can I claim train delay compensation? 

If you experience disruption during your journey, then you’re usually entitled to train delay compensation. With some operators, you’re entitled to compensation once this delay exceeds 15 minutes, but it could be as high as 60.  

When you’re claiming compensation, it’ll always need to be done through the operator that delayed you, which is usually the one that you were booked to travel with.  

There are some exceptions to when you can claim train delay compensation. The first one is if planned disruption caused a delay. For example, if your train was planned to be diverted or replaced by a bus and you were warned in advance, then you can’t claim. We know that replacement buses make things frustrating, of course! You can click here to find out more about what to do when there’s a bus replacement. 

The second exception is if an emergency timetable is in place or the cancellation was added to the timetable no later than 10pm the day before. This usually means that a train has been ‘removed’ from the timetable rather than cancelled.  

While officially this means that you can’t claim, we would encourage you to still contact the operator in these cases if you’re delayed. If we’re made aware of the cancellation in advance, then we’ll email you and let you know. You’ll be entitled to claim a refund if you prefer not to travel on an earlier or later train.  

Click here to find out more about delay repay on the National Rail website. You’ll find links to each operator and how to claim compensation from each of them.  


Can I get Delay Repay compensation from TicketyBoo? 

Unfortunately, you can’t get Delay Repay Compensation from TicketyBoo. You’ll need to get in touch with the train operator you travelled with. 

To qualify 

  • Your train must be delayed by at least 15 minutes reaching the destination on your ticket. Sometimes it may be at least 30 minutes – this varies by train operator 
  • Make sure you haven’t refunded your tickets – you’ll need these for your Delay Repay claim 
  • Claim with 28 days of your ticket being valid. This can also vary so it’s best to check your train operator’s website for details. 

Who to contact 

  • Get in touch with the train operating company that caused the delay 
  • If your journey involved more than one late train operator, you should contact the one that caused your first delay 
  • Need more help getting the right amount of compensation from the train operators? Just email us at We’ll be happy to help!